5 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

Is it about time to replace your garage door? You may have been getting by with minor repairs, but there comes a point when it makes more economical sense to invest in a replacement.

Garage Door Replacement

Here are five ways to tell if a garage door is nearing the end of its useful life:

You’re Constantly Calling a Repair Company

Are you always on the phone with a repair person? That’s probably a good indication that your door is too old. When the motor breaks down, the automatic opener malfunctions and you continually hear loud banging noises that you can’t explain — and when repeated repairs aren’t solving the problems, it’s time to replace your garage door.

Your Door Is Lacking in Important Safety Features

Do you have pets and small children? If the door is outdated, its opening system may not include sensors that stop the door’s movement when there is an obstruction in its path. Modern garage doors will reverse direction when any objects are in the way. Everyone can benefit from this feature, but especially homeowners with kids, dogs and cats that could be injured.

You’re Losing Energy Through Your Garage

Are you noticing an increase in your heating and cooling bills? If your garage is attached to your home, it can be a significant source of energy loss during cold winters and hot summers. Your furnace and air conditioning systems will appreciate it if you replace your garage door because they won’t have to work as hard — you’ll be making an investment in your home’s energy efficiency.

Your Home Needs a Face-Lift

Are you preparing to sell your home? Is your home undergoing renovations? An aging, dented garage door doesn’t do much for curb appeal. And if it is warped, this could lead to future problems with the track alignment and insulation.

Modern garage doors come in all designs and styles. You are sure to find a product that fits your home’s architectural theme. You’ll be surprised at how significantly a new one improves the look of your home. It’s a definite way to increase your chances of selling your home fast, or at the very least making you the envy of the neighborhood.

You’re Concerned About Security

Low-quality garage doors and subpar opening systems are prime targets for burglars. If you invest in a secure, stainless steel door with a suitable locking system, you don’t have to stress every time you leave for work or for a vacation.

If any items on this list describe your situation, it’s time to contact Overhead Door Company. When you replace your old garage door with a new, high-quality one, your issues will be solved, and your home will look nicer.