5 Reasons You Need a Working Garage Door Safety Sensor

A garage door safety sensor is a device that detects when the garage door will close on an object or living thing, then reverses direction before that can happen. It’s an injury and property damage prevention system that is required by law for homes in Utah.

reasons your need a working garage door safety sensor

If your sensor frequently malfunctions or has stopped working, take a look at our top five reasons you should make repairs a priority.

Your Kids and Pets Need Protection

Garage doors closing on anyone can be painful and dangerous, but for small children and pets, it can be deadly. By investing in a safeguard sensor system, you’re being proactive about preventing this type of accident.

It Prevents Vehicle Damage

If you happen to press the “door close” button a little too soon when you’re backing out of your garage, wouldn’t you like a failsafe system that prevented that heavy door from denting your vehicle roof or hood?

With a sensor system, your car is protected from this what-if scenario, and you’re saved the repair bill!

It’s the Sign of a Well-Maintained System

Picture this: You’re selling your home and the prospective buyers are touring the garage with the home inspector. Everything is going smoothly until the inspector points out that the sensor isn’t working. All of a sudden, the buyers have questions about how you’ve maintained the system and what else needs to be repaired before the sale will go through.

One of the top ways to communicate that you’ve taken good care of all areas of your home is by prioritizing safety measures. This makes prospective buyers comfortable and confident, and supports your home sale!

Your Door Is Extremely Heavy

Garage doors of any material and weight need safety systems, but the issue becomes even more important when the door is extremely heavy. There is a big difference between a vinyl or aluminum garage door closing on your car versus a double-wide, wood-paneled steel door with glass windows closing on your car. When your garage doors are heavier than most, a safety sensor should be your top priority, not just an optional feature.

It’s the Law

Automatic garage door opening system safety sensors have been required by law in Utah since 1993. If yours isn’t working and you try to sell your home, it’s an issue that will come up during the home inspection. You’ll probably be required to repair it then, so why not repair it now and get the safety benefits you deserve?

Need Help?

Overhead Door Company works to improve the aesthetics, functionality and most importantly, the safety of Utah homeowners’ garage doors and opening systems throughout the state. We service all types of opening systems and install new ones as well. Do you need help installing a garage door safety sensor or troubleshooting an existing one? Set up a time for our team to come to you and provide a resolution. We can help!