5 Garage Door Safety Tips

Practicing garage door safety is a vital part of keeping guests, children and pets from injury — and keeping your garage doors in proper working order.

Garage Door Safety

Your automatic garage doors are designed and intended for long-term daily use, but even the best products can potentially cause harm if they aren’t used or cared for correctly.

Here are five garage door safety guidelines you should follow:

Do Regular Maintenance

Garage door safety starts with a visual inspection of the system. Take a look at the springs, pulleys and belts at least once a month. If you notice fraying, rusting or hear any unusual noises, it’s best to have the entire system examined by a professional.

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of all the components and limit the need for expensive repairs.

Keep Children Away from Opener

Children might think it’s fun to open and close the garage door, but they shouldn’t get used to playing with the system. Only allow them to touch the buttons when an adult is supervising. Using a garage door as a toy is not recommended.

Make sure the wall button is mounted high enough so it’s not in easy reach of toddlers and small children.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual describes how to use the emergency release feature. Practice executing this, and also refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for door maintenance. You may need to apply a special product to the springs to keep them in top shape.

Test Reversing Sensor

One of the best ways to increase garage door safety is to install a no-touch reversing sensor if your system is not already equipped with one. This sensor controls the door’s movement. If it senses an obstruction in the way when the door is closing, it will automatically reverse so it doesn’t strike a person or object.

To test the sensor’s function and ensure it is working properly, place a board on the floor under the door. If the door closes on the board, it’s time to contact a repair professional to solve the issue.

Leave Repairs to Professionals

It’s not uncommon to accidentally run into your garage door with your car or bike. When this happens, don’t try to make repairs on your own.

Also, if you have a problem with the springs or pulleys, remember that they are under extremely high tension and could seriously injure you or cause major property damage if you unfasten a component incorrectly.

It’s better to trust trained technicians to make all repairs when your opener or set of doors needs attention.

Trust a company that places garage door safety as a top priority — call Overhead Door Company today to schedule a repair appointment.