5 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Garage door problems are a buzzkill.

You’re rushing out the door, trying to get the kids to school and yourself to the office on time, then your garage door decides to act up. Or after a long day of work, when you can’t wait to get home and get out of the rain, your garage door decides to malfunction.

What can you do to resolve the issues that plague your garage door?

garage door problems

Here are five common garage door complaints and what to do about them:

1. It Makes a Loud Banging Noise

Your door starts opening normally, but then a loud bang echoes through the garage. You duck your head and cover your ears. Why does it sound like a gunshot when your garage opens?

This is the classic case of a broken spring. Garage door springs have a shelf life — they’re only good for a certain number of openings and closings. When a spring breaks, leave the door alone until you can get a professional repair technician to the scene. Don’t let anyone in the garage, and don’t park your car inside. A broken spring is a serious safety threat.

2. It Makes a Loud Screeching Noise

If your door opens and closes normally but with a loud screeching sound, it’s time to check the rollers. The rollers move it along its tracks, and they could be bent, or they could need additional lubrication. Make sure nothing is blocking the door’s path along the track, like dirt or debris.

3. It Falls to the Ground Quickly When You Close It

If your door begins to lower normally but falls the rest of the way to the ground, you could have broken cables or loose springs. Both issues require a professional’s touch. If you don’t have the right training and equipment, don’t detach a cable or spring — they’re under high tension and could cause serious injuries.

4. Nothing Happens When You Press the Remote

You press the open button on your remote, but nothing happens. You replace the batteries. Still nothing. The issue may not be your remote, it could be the opener’s motor or sensor system. Call a repair team for help.

5. The Door Gets Stuck When You Try to Open It

When your door gets stuck, the opener’s sensors could be to blame. An obstruction in the roller path could also be the cause, or the door may have been hung unevenly at the time of installation. Perhaps the tracks were damaged and knocked out of alignment.

Your repair technician will conduct tests to find out why it won’t open or close freely.

Get Quality Repairs from Us

Even a high-quality garage door and opening system needs regular maintenance. You can call Overhead Door Company when you need help with garage door problems, or when you simply need a tuneup. We’ll help you keep your doors working smoothly.