4 Common Garage Door Repairs and the Signs You Need Them

It can be disheartening to find you need garage door repairs. But it can also be comforting to know the signs of trouble with your garage door aren’t unusual. Installing a Garage Door with Windows

All garage doors need regular tune-ups and eventually repairs. When you have a smart, proactive repair company on call, performing regular maintenance and looking out for problems, your garage stays in better shape for longer.

Below are the top four garage door repairs our team handles, along with signs you should call us for service.

Sensor Replacement

Garage door sensors are key to the performance of its safety features. You don’t want your garage door closing on your pet or child. You want it to open and close smoothly. If your garage door immediately reverses, the sensors may need a realignment, or they might be broken.

Replacing this component gets your door back in good operative order.

Door Spring Replacement

The opening and closing springs only last so long. Many homeowners panic, thinking the horrible banging and clanging sounds coming from their springs mean they need a whole new garage door. But this is rarely the case. Often, a spring replacement will do the trick.

Automatic Opener Repair

Automatic opening systems are supposed to make life easier. But do they?

That’s up for debate when you’re dealing with another dead garage remote. If replacing the batteries doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to replace the remote.

There could be a problem with the main opening system itself if the wired interior buttons aren’t working. Or maybe a safety cable is in the stuck position, preventing you from opening the door at all. We can handle any troubleshooting necessary to get your door working again.

Track Realignment

A door gone off its tracks is a disaster. The door probably screeches as it’s going down the tracks, or maybe it gets stuck and doesn’t budge. It’s not going to right itself — you need to put it back in place. But first, you need the tracks realigned.

Maybe they were knocked out of place by a stray basketball or maybe you hit it with your car. Whatever the case, tracks that are even just a tad out of place will make opening and closing the door cleanly problematic. Track realignment and replacement usually fixes this problem.

It might look sturdy, but your garage opening system can be sensitive. We’re able to detect and solve minor problems that can throw your system out of sync before they become a major disaster. We are Overhead Door Company, your local team ready to take care of all garage door repairs in a hurry.