3 Sounds Your Garage Door Shouldn’t Make

Sometimes, although your garage door seems to be working fine, it may make some disconcerting noises.

Which sounds are normal and which ones need to be checked out? These are questions homeowners are constantly asking themselves.

If your door seems to creak a little bit, you should know that’s natural. However, if you begin to notice more unusual sounds, you should get a maintenance team to take a look. Often, these sounds are indicative of a weakened part or future problem.

Below we list three sounds that may signal a problem.

3 Sounds Your Garage Door Shouldn't Make

1. Rattling Due to Shaking

As your garage door ages, parts will eventually become loose. When this happens, you’ll begin to notice a rattling sound.

This usually occurs with the tracks and the wheels. It’s important to pay attention to this sound, because it won’t get better. The longer your garage door rattles, the more it will knock screws and other parts loose.

However, the solution for this is easy. A garage door maintenance worker will be able to help secure any parts that may have come loose over time.

This service will help extend your garage door’s life.

2. Snapping

A sound that your garage door should never make is a snap. This usually indicates that something has broken. Most of the time, it’s a spring.

Tension springs help hold the doors at the correct height. We do not recommend trying to repair these by yourself, as it can be dangerous.

Instead, a licensed technician should replace the spring and give you maintenance tips to help your springs last longer.

3. Loud Engine Sounds

The engine motor works hard every time your garage door moves. You should be able to hear it running. However, if you notice that the motor seems to be working harder or is getting louder, that’s not normal.

Often, a noisy motor is a sign that something is wrong inside. Be sure to get it checked out in order to avoid costlier repairs down the road.

A Smoother Garage Door in Utah

Don’t settle for a broken garage door that won’t close, rattles incessantly or is slow to start. All these problems can easily be fixed with the right team.

At the end of the day, your garage door is supposed to make life easier, not more frustrating. Call us today to resolve those new and strange sounds your garage door in Utah is making.