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Common Winter Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Winter garage door problems can make getting on the road a headache on chilly mornings. Out of all the seasons of the year, winter is the one where you’re most grateful for a well-functioning garage door, but it’s also the season in which you’re likely to deal with some common winter garage door problems.

Winter Garage Door Problems

Take a look at the top three typical issues you might run into, and how to respond when you do.

Problem #1: Broken Metal Components

Winter (especially winter in Utah) can wreak havoc on systems that function well in all other types of weather. The metal components of your garage door are example A. Metal parts work great in mild, warm and hot weather, but once the cold sets in, metal contracts. This is the reason you may notice broken springs, loose screws and similar hardware issues.

It’s important to keep an eye on all the metal components in your system and also keep them well-oiled. Lubricant prevents metal components from shrinking and seizing up during the long cold season. And if you notice a broken piece, especially a problem as serious as a broken spring, make sure you call a professional for repairs right away.

Problem #2: Torn Weatherstripping

Maybe you accidentally scraped a section of your garage door’s weatherstripping with your snow shovel. Maybe one section froze to the ground and ripped off the door. Whatever the cause, winter brings frequent instances of torn weatherstripping. It’s ironic, since this is the month you need it to function the most.

Prevent this problem by keeping the front of your garage clear of snow and ice. Periodically check the weatherstripping for tears and make repairs right away to maintain high efficiency and avoid losing heat in this area of the home.

Problem #3: Grease Buildup

Cold weather makes grease coagulate on your garage door tracks and rollers. This can make it difficult to open the door and/or it can wear down the engine of your automatic opener.

You can prevent this by removing the buildup with solvent. Then, re-coat all tracks and rollers with a silicone lubricant. This will stand up better to cold temperatures and keep your garage door operating smoothly. One of the common downfalls to watch for is applying too much lubrication. While winter calls for additional application, make sure you don’t go overboard, or it could throw your rollers out of alignment.

When You Need a Professional

Overhead Door Company is here for you when winter garage door problems are too much for you to handle. We have the skills and experience to keep your door functioning well no matter the temperature. Call today to set up your service appointment!

A New Garage Door Helps Your House Make a Good First Impression

A new garage door is what your home needs to give it an effective face lift. If your exteriors are updated, your landscaping is on point but your garage doors are falling apart, they’ll ruin your home’s good looks.

new garage door

Whether you want to boost your standing in the neighborhood or show off to potential buyers, a new garage door can help you reach your goal. Plus, it’ll make you feel better to store your car in a gorgeous garage.

How does a new garage door help your home make the best first impression?

It Can Call Attention to Your Home’s Architectural Features

Match your garage doors with other architectural features of the home. Go with the vibe you’re creating in other exterior areas and use the style of the garage doors to bring out the highlights.

From hardware to windows to paint color, keep in mind the whole home design when choosing your new garage door to really make your curb appeal pop.

It Offers a Sense of Balance

Sometimes you may need two new doors. Double garages offer twice the opportunity and can provide a true sense of balance to the garage, and to the whole house.

Even if you have a single garage, finding a new door that matches your updated front door is a good way to bring balance to your home’s look.

It Can Bring Contrast

Maybe you don’t want your door to blend in — that’s fine. Contrast the colors with your home’s siding and it will pop. Stand out from the crowd in your neighborhood and do something different. You can pick any color you’d like if you get a door that’s paintable.

Updates Add a Touch of Class

A high-end, quality garage door is evident in looks and function. When you invest in a top-tier product, you get a high return on investment. Your home will look classy and feel even classier. It can add value to your home too. Even if you aren’t selling your property anytime soon, every time your home value goes up, you benefit.

Create a Seamless Experience

Are you tired of your clunky old garage door making that loud bang when you open it? What about the bugs making their home in your old rotted door? Maybe you’ve even stopped using your garage because your door too problematic.

A new garage door can lift your curb appeal and your spirits. Contact Overhead Door Company for information on our solutions.

Why Install an Insulated Garage Door?

An insulated garage door should be on your list for home improvements, especially if you’re thinking about replacing your door. Insulation isn’t just for cold-weather climates either — everyone can benefit from an insulated garage door!

Install an Insulated Garage Door

Garage door quality has increased significantly over the past few decades, and you have plenty of options, even if you’re on a budget.

You’ll Save on Energy Costs

One of the top reasons homeowners like the idea of an insulated door is because the garage can be a major source of energy loss. If someone leaves the door to the attached garage open, or if you simply don’t have enough insulation on the wall bordering the garage, you’ll feel a draft and see a spike in utility costs once the cold winter chill sets in.

Insulation curbs the reach of external chill, keeping your garage warmer and thus your home as well. Saving money is always worth it, so why not invest in this type of door and stop paying excessive heating costs?

A Warm Garage Is Better for Your Car

Here’s another cold-weather reason to get an insulated garage door: A warm garage is a much better environment for your car. The cold drains batteries, lowers air pressure, coagulates fluids, wears down spark plugs and wiring and more.

Protect your car from premature deterioration brought on by subzero temperatures, and give it a warm home for the long, cold night. Besides, isn’t it better to step into a warm garage in the morning?

The Door Is Stronger and More Durable

Insulation makes doors thicker, stronger and more durable. They’re heavier and harder to break into. For security and longevity purposes, they just make sense. A thin, plastic door won’t give you the protection and the return on investment that a strong, insulated door will.

They Operate Quietly

Insulated doors don’t clang loudly and wake up the neighborhood (and your small child). They go up and down smoothly and quietly, with no reverberating sounds. Due to their insulating qualities, they can also muffle road noise.

Why Us?

Overhead Door Company has a longstanding reputation of quality products and customer-first service. A functional, durable garage door is important for safety, security and aesthetic reasons. Contact us today to learn more about our product options, including insulated garage doors, automatic opening systems and more.

Schedule a Garage Door Tuneup Before Winter

A garage door tuneup involves a comprehensive assessment of what’s working and what’s not, and fast, efficient repairs. If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional check your garage door, a tuneup is in order, especially if winter is looming. Before the snow and the cold arrive once more, make sure your garage is fully operational and secure.

Schedule a Garage Door Tuneup Before Winter

Winter Is Coming

Winter has to be the worst season for a garage door to get stuck open. Imagine if your automatic opener decided to quit right before a storm. Your garage could easily fill with snow, making the whole house colder. You winterize your outdoor water pipes and your windows, so why not schedule a garage door tuneup as well?

Fresh Batteries Prevent Breakdowns

Your technician will first look to see if the batteries in your opening system and your hand-held remotes are weak or failing. If the door lags or the system isn’t using full power like it used to, replacing batteries is the first step toward safeguarding against breakdowns.

Weatherstripping Keeps Out the Cold

Next, your technician will assess the energy efficiency of your door. Does it close fully? Is the weatherstripping along the edges intact and clear of all dirt and debris?

If necessary, they will clean and repair all weatherstripping, ensuring heat is kept in and cold is kept out, so you’re prepared for when the temperatures drop.

Get Rid of Grease Buildup

Lubricant is necessary for smooth door operation, but using the wrong type or too much can lead to hardened grease buildup, causing unnecessary wear and tear on the door’s opening mechanisms. Your technician will use a cloth to clean off rollers and tracks, then recoat them with the proper lubricant for a more efficient operation.

Check Springs, Pulleys and Rollers

No garage door part lasts forever, including springs, rollers and pulleys. Checking these components regularly can help you know how much life is left in each so you can replace them proactively, before they break and cause inconvenient, more expensive problems.

Keep Your Garage Secure

Your technician will assess the security of your door as well, making sure it locks firmly and doesn’t have any weak points. Your garage is one of the main entrances to your home — it should be secure.

Count on Overhead Door for a complete garage door tuneup this fall, and ensure your home is ready for the cold weather.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Garage Door with Windows 

If you’ve never had a garage door with windows, you might be wary of making the change. But many houses in your neighborhood likely have garage doors with windows, and they add such an elegant touch to the property.

Installing a Garage Door with Windows

Is it worth it? Do the potential drawbacks outweigh the benefits?

Enjoy the Benefits of Daylight

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to switch on the light every time you needed to look for a tool? Even better, you wouldn’t have to raise your garage door to let in daylight — the windows do it for you. This saves wear and tear on the garage door, and you get free natural light in your workspace.

It’s one of the practical ways garage door windows make life more convenient.

Superior Aesthetics

When you add a garage door with windows, your garage becomes a part of your home, not simply an extension that houses a car. When the windows match your home’s, your garage enhances your property’s curb appeal, attracting the attention of neighbors and potential buyers.

Does it Fit the Bill?

One factor you should consider is that a garage door with windows will likely cost a bit more than one without. That’s because of the workmanship costs associated with crafting a door with glass inserts. While the price isn’t that much higher, if you’re on a tight budget, this might deter you.

Is it Really a Security Threat?

Many people who warn against garage door windows say they are a security threat. But when you think about it, even if someone breaks the glass, how would they fit inside? They could look through the glass to see if you have anything valuable stored inside, but anyone can look inside your garage any time you open it, which could be multiple times a day.

While a door with glass windows technically isn’t as secure as a door made of 100 percent solid material, it’s probably not the security threat you might think it is.

Newsflash: Glass Is Breakable

One definite downside to adding windows to anything is that those windows can break. After all, they are made of glass! So a stray basketball could smash the window. But if you aren’t worried about breakage, or you’re sure you can convince the kids to direct flying objects away from the garage, it won’t present too much of an issue.

What Will You Decide?

Overhead Door Company offers a range of residential garage door choices, with windows and without. We can help you find the style that fits your home. Talk to our team about more of the benefits of a garage door with windows. We are your local resource on all things garage doors!

Compare Types of Garage Doors Before You Buy

The many types of garage doors for sale can leave homeowners scratching their heads. You know you need to replace your outdated door, but which door will look the nicest, function the best and last the longest?

It’s not easy choosing among wood, steel, vinyl or aluminum. This guide will outline the pros and cons of each material type, helping you find the perfect fit for your home.


The Wonders of Wood

Wood offers an authentic look — it’s high-end, traditional and elegant. It sets your garage apart from the neighbors’. It stands up to wear and tear, but it’s vital that you care for it. Your wood garage door will need to be refinished regularly, and you can expect to pay a little more for real wood.

You could opt for a wood composite door that has a real-wood look, but without the same high price. You won’t have to put as much effort into maintaining it either.

Steel Is Secure

There’s something about the security of steel that makes homeowners happy. Steel doors are double-layered and are constructed with plenty of insulating properties, guaranteed to improve the energy efficiency of your garage. They’re typically finished with a topcoat of paint, or an overlay is placed over the exterior to finalize the look.

Steel’s main downside is that it’s susceptible to corrosion, especially in coastal regions.

All About Aluminum

Aluminum doors don’t rust! That’s the main draw of this type of garage door, plus the fact that it’s extremely lightweight. It’s also less expensive than wood or steel, and it has many options for faux finishes and colors.

The negative side of aluminum is that it’s easy to dent. If you have lots of flying basketballs and runaway tricycles at your house, you might want to reconsider.

Vinyl Provides Value

If dent-proof is what you’re looking for when reviewing types of garage doors, look no further than vinyl. Vinyl is difficult to bend, break, dent or warp. Another advantage? They’re the easiest to clean. All you need is a hose — you can spray down your garage door in minutes.

If you choose vinyl, you will have to settle for the colors, designs and textures the manufacturer offers. You don’t have as much control over the look, but you can trust you’ll have a long-lasting door for years to come.

Which Is Right for You?

Overhead Door Company has plenty of information about types of garage doors, and a wealth of advice on which one you should choose. Call us today to see what sets us apart from our competitors, and get your free estimate from our highly qualified garage door technicians.

Having a Garage Door Backup Power Supply Is a Good Idea

Is a garage door backup power supply more important than a fully charged portable cell phone battery?

It’s a toss-up, and the cell phone may come out on top. But when the power is out and it’s time to leave your house, you’ll wish you had both!

Backup Power Supply

What to Do in a Blackout

Blackouts in bad weather are frustrating, but common. While you’re waiting for the power to come back on, you might want to light candles and play card games … or you might want to leave your house and go somewhere where there’s light and entertainment.

You walk out to your garage and hop in the car, only to realize pressing the garage door opener button isn’t going to get you anywhere — it’s down, just like all other electrically powered systems in your home.

What should you do? Are you trapped in your house for the duration of the blackout? Thankfully, garage doors are required by law to offer a manual operation feature. All you have to do is pull the emergency rope that’s attached to the opener. It usually has a red, T-shaped handle at the end.

This disengages the garage door from the drive belt or chain. Open the lock and lift the door slowly. Be careful — garage doors can be heavier than you expect. Once the door is fully open, make sure it will stay open before you let go.

Prevent This Problem from Recurring

When you have to revert to manually operating your garage door, you’ve gone back to the dark ages, both literally and figuratively. But you can make sure this doesn’t happen again in the event of another blackout.

A garage door backup power supply will provide battery power for the automatic opening system, allowing between five and 20 full cycles (both opening and closing the door) and letting you in and out of your garage easily, regardless of your home’s power situation.

Your Battery Backup Options

Garage door backup power batteries are built into your opening system. If you didn’t select this add-on option when purchasing your lift, you can’t add one after the fact. Some non-manufacturer-brand aftermarket options can work, but they are usually large and clunky and not the best choice if you’re looking for sleek efficiency and a system that’s guaranteed to work with your model.

If your automatic garage door opening system is old enough that a backup power supply wasn’t an option at the time of installation, consider upgrading your system so you can take advantage of this great feature.

Test Your Backup Power Source Regularly

Make sure the battery backup is fully charged, and test it every few months to make sure it’s in good working condition.

Looking for assistance installing a new system or checking your garage door backup power supply? Get in touch with our garage door team — we are ready and willing to help!

Should You Install a Double Wide Garage Door or Two Singles?

Is a double wide garage door the best option for your new garage? Or should you opt for the traditional choice and choose two single doors instead?

double garage door

Many homeowners have an instant preference — they either love or hate the double wide garage door. But if you don’t have a strong opinion, this guide can help you understand the pros and cons of each option. There are many factors to contemplate, some you may not have considered.

Think Practical

First off, how many cars do you plan on parking in your garage? If you want to try to fit three small vehicles inside, it will take expert driving skills to move all three in if you have two separate doors.

On the other hand, a large opening allows you plenty of flexibility when it comes to parking. You can fit your ATV in between your vehicles without an issue. You don’t have to drive in and out uber-carefully in order to avoid hitting the center post.

While a double wide space offers flexibility, single doors offer this too, but in a different way. If one garage door opener breaks, your other door will likely still work. You can at least get one car out of your garage; not so if a double wide door or opener breaks.

Energy Efficiency

Do you heat your garage? If so, think about how much heat will be lost the every time you open your double wide door in the winter.

In comparison, opening a single door decreases heat loss and saves on energy costs.

Aesthetic Preferences

Drive around your neighborhood and look at which types of garage doors fit with different home styles. As the homeowner, you have the final say on which design you like best, but certain styles fit with either garage door option.

For example, a modern home looks complete with a sleek, double wide door. A traditional carriage house garage is the definition of class with two single doors.

What About the Cost?

This might come as a surprise, but there isn’t much of a price difference in purchasing two singles versus a larger garage door. However, there is a price difference if you want them both to operate automatically.

Purchasing two automatic garage door opening systems will cost more, along with the maintenance commitment of caring for two sets of belts and pulleys.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for either two singles or one double wide garage door that fits your home’s style, delivers functional practicality and matches your budget restrictions, call Overhead Door for a solution. We have the products that fit any design style and fall in line with your budget.

How Long Is a Garage Door’s Life Span?

For many Utah homeowners, their garage door’s life span is a mystery. The roof should last 30 years. The water heater should last 10 years. You have expectations about other home systems, but garage doors are harder to judge. When can you expect to have to replace yours?

Estimating a garage door’s life span isn’t always easy. It may depend on the weather. Projections may change based on how well it’s maintained. Some may last 30 years, but others may need to be replaced much sooner.

Garage Door Life Span

Here’s how you can maximize the life of your door:

Monitor Spring Life

Garage door springs will only work for a set number of cycles. Torsion springs typically last for 10,000 cycles. That means if you open and close your garage twice a day, seven days a week, your torsion springs will work for almost 14 years. Extension springs usually last for at least 15,000 cycles. You may be able to get 20 years out of this type of spring.

Keep track of when your springs were last changed, and roughly estimate how often you use your garage door. This will tell you when it’s time to call a technician for torsion or extension spring replacement.

Maintain the Exterior

The door panel itself may be made of aluminum, steel, wood or vinyl, all of which require a different maintenance approach.

Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and wash the door on a regular basis. Vinyl doors may simply need soap and water, but wood may need to be sanded and repainted to avoid mold and rot.

Replace Parts and Apply Lubricant as Needed

Inspect your garage door seal regularly, and replace the gasket if necessary. It’s a simple repair, but it’s important because it keeps moisture out of your garage and away from the door. This is key for a wooden garage door.

You should also abide by manufacturer guidelines and apply lubricant to the springs and rollers when needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire system.

Your Automatic Opener

Your automatic opening system likely comes with its own warranty, typically between 10 and 15 years. While you may have to replace your opener about halfway through your garage door’s life, it’s worth it for the convenience, and for keeping your door stable as it opens and closes over the years.

Know Your Warranty Coverage

Read the manufacturer’s warranty coverage closely. It can give you clues as to the length of the garage door’s life span. It’s not unusual for doors to remain beautiful and sturdy beyond the warranty coverage, but make sure you know when it expires so you can keep up with thorough maintenance.

Depend on a Professional for Expert Repairs

Want to extend your garage door’s life span? Trust Overhead Door Company for service throughout northern Utah. We are here for you for routine repairs, and 24/7 for emergencies.

5 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Garage door problems are a buzzkill.

You’re rushing out the door, trying to get the kids to school and yourself to the office on time, then your garage door decides to act up. Or after a long day of work, when you can’t wait to get home and get out of the rain, your garage door decides to malfunction.

What can you do to resolve the issues that plague your garage door?

garage door problems

Here are five common garage door complaints and what to do about them:

1. It Makes a Loud Banging Noise

Your door starts opening normally, but then a loud bang echoes through the garage. You duck your head and cover your ears. Why does it sound like a gunshot when your garage opens?

This is the classic case of a broken spring. Garage door springs have a shelf life — they’re only good for a certain number of openings and closings. When a spring breaks, leave the door alone until you can get a professional repair technician to the scene. Don’t let anyone in the garage, and don’t park your car inside. A broken spring is a serious safety threat.

2. It Makes a Loud Screeching Noise

If your door opens and closes normally but with a loud screeching sound, it’s time to check the rollers. The rollers move it along its tracks, and they could be bent, or they could need additional lubrication. Make sure nothing is blocking the door’s path along the track, like dirt or debris.

3. It Falls to the Ground Quickly When You Close It

If your door begins to lower normally but falls the rest of the way to the ground, you could have broken cables or loose springs. Both issues require a professional’s touch. If you don’t have the right training and equipment, don’t detach a cable or spring — they’re under high tension and could cause serious injuries.

4. Nothing Happens When You Press the Remote

You press the open button on your remote, but nothing happens. You replace the batteries. Still nothing. The issue may not be your remote, it could be the opener’s motor or sensor system. Call a repair team for help.

5. The Door Gets Stuck When You Try to Open It

When your door gets stuck, the opener’s sensors could be to blame. An obstruction in the roller path could also be the cause, or the door may have been hung unevenly at the time of installation. Perhaps the tracks were damaged and knocked out of alignment.

Your repair technician will conduct tests to find out why it won’t open or close freely.

Get Quality Repairs from Us

Even a high-quality garage door and opening system needs regular maintenance. You can call Overhead Door Company when you need help with garage door problems, or when you simply need a tuneup. We’ll help you keep your doors working smoothly.